Protecting Cloud Director with NSX-T Load Balancer L7 HTTP Policies

Running Cloud Director (formerly vCloud Director) over the Internet has its benefits however opens up the portal to security risks. To prevent this, we can use the native load balancing capabilities of NSX-T to serve only HTTP access to the URIs that are required and preventing access to unnecessary URIs from the rest of the Internet.

VMworld 2019 Rewatch: Building a Modern Cloud Hosting Platform on VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware vCloud Director (HBI1321BE)

Rewatch my session with Onni Rautanen at VMworld EMEA 2019 where we cover the clouds that we are building together with Tieto.

A look at VMware vCloud Director Organization LDAP Authentication Options

VMware vCloud Director can use three different authentication mechanisms for subscriber authentication to the VCD portal. The portal is accessed using the URL https://<cloud-url>/cloud/org/<organisation&gt;. In this post, I’ll try to highlight some of the authentication options that a subscriber can use to access the VCD portal. Supported LDAP Services Platform LDAP Server Authentication Methods WindowsContinue reading “A look at VMware vCloud Director Organization LDAP Authentication Options”

Uninstalling vCD agent on ESXi host

To unistall the vCD agent (vslad) on an ESXi host: Enable Remote Tech Support (SSH) in Configuration | Security Profile | Properties Log into the ESXi host using your favourite SSH client Navigate to /opt/vmware/uninstallers Now run the script named, or you could just do the below after logging into the ESXi host /opt/vmware/unistallers/ DisableContinue reading “Uninstalling vCD agent on ESXi host”

Incorrectly configured URL for Organisation in vCloud Director 1.0

VMware vCloud Director (vCD) automatically creates a URL for each organisation that is created in vCD.  There is a slight bug which does not create the URL properly and will cause the URL that is displayed under Customer | Administration | Settings | General to be incorrect. For example, if you create an organisation called Customer1,Continue reading “Incorrectly configured URL for Organisation in vCloud Director 1.0”

vShield Manager Notes

Most administrative changes to vShield Manager can be done using the command line interface (CLI) by initiating a console session to the vShield Manager virtual machine.  You can log in to the CLI by using the default user name admin and password default. You can also access the CLI by enabling SSH. To enable SSH: Log inContinue reading “vShield Manager Notes”

Creating a VMware vCloud Director Cluster

Overview A VMware vCloud Director (vCD) cluster contains one or more vCD servers, these servers are referred to as “Cells” and form the basis of the VMware cloud.  A cloud can be formed of multiple cells.  This diagram is a good representation of the vCD Cluster concept. To enable multiple servers to participate in a cluster,Continue reading “Creating a VMware vCloud Director Cluster”