How to deploy vCloud Director Appliance with Terraform and govc

Recently I’ve been looking at a tool to automate the provisioning of the vCloud Director appliance. I wanted something that could quickly take JSON as input for the OVF properties and be able to consistently deploy the appliance with the same outcome. I tried Terraform, however that didn’t quite work out as I expected asContinue reading “How to deploy vCloud Director Appliance with Terraform and govc”

Creating a VMware vCloud Director Cluster

Overview A VMware vCloud Director (vCD) cluster contains one or more vCD servers, these servers are referred to as “Cells” and form the basis of the VMware cloud.¬† A cloud can be formed of multiple cells.¬† This diagram is a good representation of the vCD Cluster concept. To enable multiple¬†servers to participate in a cluster,Continue reading “Creating a VMware vCloud Director Cluster”