CSE TKG Clusters can’t pull from GitHub

During TKG cluster creation you might see the following errors.

Error: failed to get
provider components for the "cluster-api:v1.1.3" provider: failed to get
repository client for the CoreProvider with name cluster-api: error creating
the GitHub repository client: failed to get GitHub latest version: failed to
get repository versions: failed to get repository versions: rate limit for
github api has been reached. Please wait one hour or get a personal API
token and assign it to the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable

This is due to GitHub rate limiting for anonymous access to GitHub. CSE TKG clusters pull images from GitHub, and if you are pulling too many within a short period of time, you will eventually hit the rate limits.

To ensure that you don’t hit the limits a GitHub Access Token is needed.

Then configure CSE to use the GitHub Access Token using the CSE documentation here.


Author: Hugo Phan


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