Rights Bundles for Container Service Extension

A quick note on the Rights Bundles for Container Service Extension when enabling native, TKGm or TKGs clusters.

The rights bundle named vmware:tkgcluster Entitlement are for TKGs clusters and NOT for TKGm.

The rights bundle named cse:nativeCluster Entitlement are for native clusters AND also for TKGm clusters.

Yes, this is very confusing and will be fixed in an upcoming release.

You can see a brief note about this on the release notes here.

Users deploying VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters should have the rights required to deploy exposed native clusters and additionally the right Full Control: CSE:NATIVECLUSTER. This right is crucial for VCD CPI to work properly.

So in summary, for a user to be able to deploy TKGm clusters they will need to have the cse:nativeCluster Entitlement rights.

To publish these rights, go to the Provider portal and navigate to Administration, Rights Bundles.

Click on the radio button next to cse:nativeCluster Entitlement and click on Publish, then publish to the desired tenant or to all tenants.


Author: Hugo Phan


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