New Openfiler for the VMwire lab

Openfiler is a very cool NAS/SAN product that is completely free. I just purchased some brand new SATA III controllers and disks so I’ve decided to migrate my storage from Freenas running on my HP Microserver to my old Dell PE SC440. Doing so will free up the HP Microserver to run vSphere and allowContinue reading “New Openfiler for the VMwire lab”

Creating a VMware vCloud Director Cluster

Overview A VMware vCloud Director (vCD) cluster contains one or more vCD servers, these servers are referred to as “Cells” and form the basis of the VMware cloud.¬† A cloud can be formed of multiple cells.¬† This diagram is a good representation of the vCD Cluster concept. To enable multiple¬†servers to participate in a cluster,Continue reading “Creating a VMware vCloud Director Cluster”