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Incorrectly configured URL for Organisation in vCloud Director 1.0

VMware vCloud Director (vCD) automatically creates a URL for each organisation that is created in vCD.  There is a slight bug which does not create the URL properly and will cause the URL that is displayed under Customer | Administration | Settings | General to be incorrect.

For example, if you create an organisation called Customer1, the default URL that is created will be:


This is of course wrong and if you clicked on the link you would see a page similar to this:

Incorrect URL

Organisation URL Error

So how do we fix this?

Simple, just add cloud into the URL so the new URL will be:


This WILL work but you will have to do this for every new customer and also remember to publish the correct URL.

However, there is a better way, being much more intelligent, amend the system VCD public URL under System | Administration | System Settings | Public Addresses

vCD Public URL

vCD Public URL

This will automatically add cloud into all organisation VCD public URLs.


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One thought on “Incorrectly configured URL for Organisation in vCloud Director 1.0

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