Upgrade Cloud Director to 10.2

A very quick post on how to upgrade your Cloud Director cluster to 10.2. This post contains some shortcuts that removes some repetitive steps. Download the latest Cloud Director 10.2 from my.vmware.com. You can read more about the latest updates in the release notes. Primarily, VCD 10.2 brings some very new functionality, including: NSX-T AdvancedContinue reading “Upgrade Cloud Director to 10.2”

Protecting Cloud Director with NSX-T Load Balancer L7 HTTP Policies

Running Cloud Director (formerly vCloud Director) over the Internet has its benefits however opens up the portal to security risks. To prevent this, we can use the native load balancing capabilities of NSX-T to serve only HTTP access to the URIs that are required and preventing access to unnecessary URIs from the rest of the Internet.

VMworld 2019 Rewatch: Building a Modern Cloud Hosting Platform on VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware vCloud Director (HBI1321BE)

Rewatch my session with Onni Rautanen at VMworld EMEA 2019 where we cover the clouds that we are building together with Tieto.

Load Balancing and Protecting Cloud Director with Avi Networks

This article covers protecting and load balancing the Cloud Director application with Avi Networks. It covers SSL termination. health monitoring and layer 7 HTTP filtering. It can also be used as a reference for other load balancer products such as F5 LTM or NGINX.