How to update your Openfiler USB installation for better performance

Previously I wrote an article on How to install and run Openfiler on a USB key. I thought that everything was working fine but eventually found that NFS and CIFS performance was too slow. Upon reading a few forums and stumbling across this thread in particular, the reason was down to Openfiler requiring an update.Continue reading “How to update your Openfiler USB installation for better performance”

How to setup Active Directory authentication on Openfiler

Setup Active Directory Authentication The steps must be performed in this order, otherwise you’ll get a headache trying to work out why you cannot see any Groups listed. Go to Services | Enable SMB/CIFS server. Click on SMB/CIFS Setup. Change the NetBIOS name to just the hostname of the server (do not include the domain).Continue reading “How to setup Active Directory authentication on Openfiler”

New Openfiler for the VMwire lab

Openfiler is a very cool NAS/SAN product that is completely free. I just purchased some brand new SATA III controllers and disks so I’ve decided to migrate my storage from Freenas running on my HP Microserver to my old Dell PE SC440. Doing so will free up the HP Microserver to run vSphere and allowContinue reading “New Openfiler for the VMwire lab”