Updating Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates for vCenter Server

Updating Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates for vCenter Server

I prefer to use wildcard certificates for my environment to reduce the number of certificates that I need to manage. This is due to Let’s Encrypt limiting their certificates to 90 days. This means that you’ll need to renew each certificate every <90 days or so. Using a wildcard certificate reduces your operational overhead. However, vCenter does not support wildcard certificates.

After you’ve prepped the fullchain.pem file according to the previous article, you can now update the vCenter SSL certificate using vCenter’s Certificate Management tool.

Navigate to Menu then Administration and click on Certificate Management.

Under the Machine SSL Certificate, click on Actions and choose Import and Replace Certificate.

Select the Replace with external CA certificate (requires private key).

Copy the section for the Subscriber Certificate part into the Machine SSL Certificate box, and then the rest into the Chain of trusted root certificates box.

Copy the contents of the privkey.pem file into the Private Key box.

Once you click on Replace, vCenter will restart its services and you can open a new browser window to the FQDN of vCenter and enjoy a secured vCenter session.


Author: Hugo Phan


2 thoughts on “Updating Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates for vCenter Server”

  1. Whenever I replace this certificate, the vcenter takes it, but I can no longer access the UI. All I see is a message that states “no healthy upstream”? Have you seen this before?

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