Virtual Volumes – Explained with Carousels, Horses and Unicorns – in pictures

[Tongue in cheek. There’s no World Cup on today so I made this. Please don’t take this too seriously.]

A SAN is like a carousel

  • It provides capacity (just like a carousel) and performance (when the carousel goes around).
  • People ride on static horses bolted to the carousel and try to enjoy the ride.
  • This horse is like a LUN. The horse does not know who is riding it.
  • Everybody travels at the same speed unless you happen to sit on the outside where things go a little bit faster.
  • The speed is relative to how fast the carousel rotates and how quickly you can get to an outside seat (if you want that extra speed and wind through your hair).
  • If you want to guarantee an outside seat, you can get to the front of the queue by having a FastPass+.
  • Get a bigger motor, or increase the speed, the carousel will respond to the required needs.
  • Everybody experiences the same relative performance even though they may want different things – to go faster or to go slower.
  • If the motor dies, the carousel is closed.

A Virtual Volume is like a horse

  • It has a trusting relationship with its rider and the rider with it.
  • It can roam free on green pastures and prairies.
  • It can go fast or slow.
  • It can be large or small.
  • It can go faster or slower than another horse.
  • A small horse can carry a small rider.
  • A large horse can carry a large rider.
  • A small horse could go faster than a big horse and vice versa.
  • You can go for a ride with your horse and bring another one just like it. If it gets tired, let it go and jump on the other horse.
  • It can by put out to stud to make more little foals just like it.
  • A horse can do all these things.

You get the point right? Enjoy the picture!

The Storage Unicorn
The Storage Unicorn

Author: Hugo Phan


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