Cannot decrypt password in sysprep after upgrading vCenter Server Appliance

A really quick post. I’ve recently just upgraded from vCSA 5.1 to vCSA 5.5 linkĀ and found that Horizon View can no longer complete sysprep customization due to the public key being changed when you upgrade to a new appliance. Just edit the customization specification to fix. Hope this helps.

Adding sysprep packages to the VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance

The VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) is a Linux version of the vCenter Server, this post discusses the placement of the System Preparation tools (sysprep) packages within the vCSA and how to make the contents of the DEPLOY.CAB file available. Once configured, it is possible to use Guest Operating System Customizations with the vCSA. MyContinue reading “Adding sysprep packages to the VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance”