Checking the state of a running VM and killing the process if required

Occasionally you may want to check the state of a virtual machine, to check whether it is running or not. On the very few times that VMotion failed for one reason or another, a VM will fail to resume on the source host or start on the destination host.

From the Service Console you can check the state of running machines by typing vmware-cmd //server.vmx getstate. You can also kill the VM if it is truly in a hung state by using the procedure below.

  • Login to the service console
  • You can check the VM state by typing vmware-cmd //server.vmx getstate
  • Type ps -ef | grep
  • The second column is your pid of the vmkload_app of the Virtual Machine, you can also type ps –eaf to see all running processes
  • Type kill -9
  • Check VM state again, it should now be off
  • Type vmware-cmd //server.vmx start to power on VM

Author: Hugo Phan


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