VMworld Session Proposal(s) – not a single PowerPoint slide in sight!

Please influence the success of VMworld by spending some time to vote for the sessions that you would like see at San Francisco and Barcelona. Voting is as simple as a left mouse click, by going to http://www.vmworld.com.

This year I decided to submit three sessions for VMworld based on work that I have done over the past few months.

However, only one of which is available for public voting, the other two, unfortunately, are deemed top secret and cannot be disclosed until VMworld. Let’s hope they make it as they are different and focussed on real-life use cases and customer design considerations of product features based on VMware’s upcoming releases. Get your cool-aid ready.

Session ID:   2335

Title:   Bring Your Desktop to Your Mobile – Bringing EUC to the User

Abstract:   With EUC becoming more prevalent in organizations that demand agile, mobile and secure client computing, the use of thin clients and all in one devices are ever becoming the normal operating model of organizations deploying EUC.

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones to access VMware View desktops could be the option going forward.

Let’s bring EUC to the user by allowing the user to access secure VMware View sessions on their own devices eliminating the need for organizations to manage the thin client devices.

Tracks: End-User Computing

Technical Level: Business Solution.

This session focuses on the possibilities of using Horizon Mobile to allow secure computing from mobile smartphone devices (cell phones). I’ve briefly blogged about it in my previous post to give you a taster. If the session is accepted, I’m hoping to make it stand out by including gadgetry, big screens and the like for a live demonstration with a little help from some friends. There won’t be any PowerPoint that’s for sure!


Author: Hugo Phan


One thought on “VMworld Session Proposal(s) – not a single PowerPoint slide in sight!”

  1. Hugo, I will definitely vote for this, especially if I can be one of those “friends” you mentioned, free trip to VMwolrd anyone? 🙂

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