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A List of VMware Employee Tweeps (people on Twitter)

Following on from the PSO NEMEA twitter list, I decided to go further and produce this list of VMware employees that are on Twitter, sorted alphabetically by Twitter ID as of 29/06/2011.

Let me know if I have missed you out or you follow someone that works for VMware.

Twitter ID Name Blog
Adrian Roberts  
Alan Renouf www.virtu-al.net
Andrew Mitchell  
Andy Banta  
Arnim van Lieshout www.van-lieshout.com
Kamau Wanguhu www.borgcube.com
Brian Thomas Rice  
Chris Colotti www.chriscolotti.us
Christophe Decanini www.vcoteam.info
Christoph Harding www.thatsmyview.net
Brittany Coulson  
Carter Shanklin  
Dale Carter www.delboycarter.com
Dave Hill www.virtual-blog.com
Douglas Phillips  
Richard Damoser  
Duncan Epping www.yellow-bricks.com
Eric Gray www.vcritical.com
Frank Denneman www.frankdenneman.nl
Frank Wegner  
Hany Michael www.hypervizor.com
Andy Troup  
Stephen Herrod www.vmware.com/company/leadership.html
Pablo Roesch  
Hugo Strydom www.vroem.co.za
Hugo Phan www.vmwire.com
Jean-Francois Richard  
Jerry Chen  
Johnny Krogsboll  
Joe Sarabia  
John Troyer  
Julie Escott  
Greg A Lato www.latogalabs.com
Lode Vermeiren lodev.name
Max Daneri  
Manish Patel  
Mark Verhagen  
Martyn Storey  
Matthew Meyer  
Dave McCrory blog.mccrory.me
Matt Coppinger
Michael Haines  
Mike DiPetrillo www.mikedipetrillo.com
Massimo Re Ferre’ it20.info
Nadyne Richmond www.nadynerichmond.com
Peter Giordano petergiordano.com
Paul Nothard  
Rawlinson Rivera www.punchingclouds.com
Rasmus Jensen www.vpeeling.com
Ray Heffer www.rayheffer.com
Raymon Epping  
Richard McDougall blog.richardmcdougall.com
Rick Blythe www.vmwarewolf.com
Robin Prudholm  
Rob Upham  
Safouh Kharrat  
Scott Davis blogs.vmware.com/view-point
Simon Long www.simonlong.co.uk
Steve Jin www.doublecloud.org
Scott Sauer unhub.com/ssauer
Stan Hutten Czapski  
Susan Gudenkauf  
Burke Azbill www.vcoteam.info
Tedd Fox about.me/teddfox
Richard Garsthagen www.run-virtual.com
John Dodge www.dodgeretort.com
Tom Ralph about.me/TomRalph
Tony Dunn  
Tristan Todd  
Timo Sugliani  
Jason Miles  
John Arrasjid  
Alexander Thoma  
Vegard Sagbakken   
Vic Camacho wefollow.com/Virtual_Vic
Andrew Johnson  
Irfan virtualscoop.org
Todd Muirhead  
Mark C  
Josh Liebster vmsupergenius.com
Vittorio Viarengo journeytocloud.com
Wade Holmes  
Willem van Engeland  
Jian Zhen zhen.org

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6 thoughts on “A List of VMware Employee Tweeps (people on Twitter)

  1. you missed out on a couple:

    just to name few 🙂

    Posted by Duncan Yellow Bricks | June 16, 2011, 13:26
  2. Dale Carter, Sr Consultant PSO. @delboyopen

    Posted by Dale Carter | June 16, 2011, 13:44
  3. You forgot – a very important one



    Posted by Maish | June 16, 2011, 14:25


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