What to do when an ESX host shows not responding?

Steps in order to progress 1) Login in the affected ESX server using Putty 2) service mgmt-vmware restart If this doesn’t work then the vmware-hostd daemon has to be killed. 3) ps -e | grep vmware-hostdLook for the process_id associated with vmware-hostd 4) kill process_idi.e. if 3) returned:32470 ? 00:01:12 vmware-hostdthe command would be:kill 32470Continue reading “What to do when an ESX host shows not responding?”

Using ESX 3.5 vmware-vim-cmd instead of vimsh

vmware-vim-cmd For those of you familiar with vimsh and used it to configure a scripted install of ESX 3.5, have you noticed that the following error would occur when launching commands using /usr/bin/vimsh ? /usr/bin/vimsh -n -e “hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter Alternatively, by using the wrapper developed for ESX 3.5, vmware-vim-cmd, you would get the following: /usr/bin/vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enterContinue reading “Using ESX 3.5 vmware-vim-cmd instead of vimsh”